I recently took a trip to Homesense and I was in candle heaven!

Homesense is my go to place for candles, they usually have brands that are a bit different which I love. I literally went in to get one, maybe two candles and left with five (i really can’t control myself).

The majority of the candles I picked up were from a brand called DW Home, with one being from a company called leoben co.

I’m excited to show you what I got …





h o n e y  p u m p k i n

DW Home

Cinnamon infused pumpkin with creamy honey butter, sweet vanilla nutmeg and spicy fresh ground cloves.

Large Double Wick
Burn Time: Approx. 56 hours





m o u n t a i n  l o d g e  f i r e s i d e

DW Home

Glowing embers infused with notes of fresh harvest fruits, swirling wood smoke, and the alluring scent of soft incense, finished with a touch of amber cogna

Small Single Wick

Burn Time: Approx 20 hours





w h i t e  p u m p k i n

DW Home

Smooth pumpkin puree and golden brown sugar are blended with toasted nutmeg, crushed clove, and spicy cinnamon, folded into creamy cake batter.

Medium Single Wick
Burn Time: Approx: 33 hours







e y e  o f  t h e  b e h o l d e r

leoben co.

Teakwood & Myrrh scent.

Medium Single Wick

Burn Time Approx: 33 hours





p u m p k i n  s p i c e  &  v a n i l l a

DW Home

Harvest pumpkin interwoven with delectable notes of vanilla nutmeg, crushed cinnamon, and sweet brown sugar, baked into an all-butter pastry crust.

Large Double Wick
Burn Time: Approx. 56 hours




There were so many other amazing candles in store and to be honest I wanted them all but had to draw the line somewhere, especially when one of the ladies working there made a comment about me leaving some for everyone else  ( i know she was joking but still she killed my candle buying buzz haha). However after this, I knew it was time to start backing away from the candle section.

I have been into a few Homesense stores and have seen these in there so if you like the sound of any pop on down and try grab yourselves some. If you haven’t got a Homesense near you, I have also seen a these in some TK Maxx stores as well.


I hope you have enjoyed this little Autumn candle haul.


xoxojen mccarthy




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