I came across this company via a post I saw on Facebook, and of course being a lover of all thing interior design I thought I would have a little look at their online shop.

All I can say is WOW! I literally want everything on their website!


w h oΒ  a r eΒ  t h e y


The House Outfit are an online retailer for home accessories and gifting.

Their pieces are really unique, as they source from up and coming brands and designers, as well as having wall art of their own design.


i m a g eΒ  g a l l e r y

I follow these guys on Instagram and their posts just make you want to redecorate and accessories your home time and time again, Everything is just to die for!

I wanted to share a few of their images here for some design inspiration …


These are just a few of many great post of theirs, so head on over to Instagram and give them a follow.


What I think is so great about this company is that they have chosen such on trend pieces for their online store. They have a heavy presence of Marble and Copper (which of course i’m going to love, as I have an unhealthy obsession with all things marble and copper). They have a soft colour palette among most of their pieces with blush pink and soft grey being dominant colours, with hints of metallics. I am seeing this colour palette a lot recently, so its great to be able to go somewhere that offers products that are on trend but also unique as some stores run the risk of being very similar to other brands.


Another aspect of this company which I feel is worth a special mention is their wall art collection. Displaying art and quotes have become really popular in interiors recently, with gallery walls being introduced into so many peoples homes. It can sometimes be really daunting for someone when picking out what to put in their frames, and not everyone likes to go for pieces that ‘clash’. With The House Outfit, they have so many different prints, but many have the same underlying colour palette so it is super easy to pick out different pieces that you know are going to work well together. They are also really well priced with most A5 prints starting at Β£7, with the larger prints going up to around Β£40. A lot of the prints have been designed by The House Outfit themselves, so again just another way they are succeeding at being different in the market.


m yΒ  f a v o u r i t eΒ  p i e c e s

As I said earlier, I literally want everything from their shop, however I have selected my favourites to share with you.

Here are my top must have picks …


k i t c h e nΒ  a c c e s o r i e s


w a l lΒ  a r t


h o m eΒ  a c c e s o r i e s


c u s h i o n s


I highly recommend going over and checking out their shop on

They currently have a discount code, where you get 10% OFF your first order with them.


(not 100% sure if this code has an expiry date, but give it a try)


xoxojen mccarthy







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