Botanical inspired interiors are not new in home decor. Companies such as Laura Ashley and Sanderson have been heavily influenced by nature throughout many of their collections. There has been a shift however in how the trend is styled. Previously if you were to think of a botanical trend, it would be quite fresh and delicate, whereas the current trend is very bold and sophisticated and creates a very dramatic space.




k e y  f e a t u r e s  of  t h e  t r e n d

Forget 50 Shades of Grey, This trend is all about 50 Shades of GREEN! Darker tones of greens are particularly dominant, with splashes of bright, vibrant colours. The greens are often paired with blacks. This adds to the dramatic, moody feel of the trend.

Bold leaf prints are a must to achieve this look. This is where the trend has evolved as previously leaf prints were extremely detailed whereas now we commonly see a modern block print design.

The whole point of this trend is to bring the outside in all its glory into the home, so fill your room with plants. Mix them up and vary the sizes and make the plants a feature. If you are a serial plant killer, faux plants can be just as effective.

Metallic touches. Brass and Gold are most commonly used to accessorise the botanical trend, with furniture and ornaments adding that luxe feel to the decor.

Its more than just plants that inspire this trend, insects, butterflies and birds are heavily featured. I have seen this trend take a jungle twist with animal print being used as an accent print.


g e t  t h e  l o o k


Whether you have £50 or £500 this look is easy to achieve.

I have sourced items within three budget ranges so everyone can create a botanical garden in their homes.


b u d g e t  o n e : £ 1 0 0  o r  l e s s


b u d g e t  t w o : £ 1 0 0 – £ 3 0 0

(in addition to the previous budget section)


b u d g e t  t h r e e : £ 3 0 0 +

(in addition to the previous budget section)


I absolutely love this trend and I hope this post has shown that it doesn’t matter what your budget is, the trend is accessible to all.


xoxojen mccarthy






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