Recently on a trip to Brighton I went to Redroaster for lunch. This place has one of the best cafe interiors I have ever seen.

This former post office has been transformed into interior lovers dream.

A grand marble bar dominants the space, small square tiles with black grouting create a geometric feel. A touch of luxury in injected with bold brass accents. All this under a canopy of plants, creating a botanical paradise.



The gorgeous interiors carried on into the bathroom.

The decor followed on from the main cafe area, with the white tiles and black grouting coming into full effect here. The marble influence was still present, this time in a more subtle way through small mosaic octagonal tiles for the flooring. I loved the way the botanical element was incorporated in this space, the simple line of plants at the base of the mirror.

(This is a great bathroom for a instagrammable selfie … just throwing it out there haha)



Now interior decor aside, they also had a cracking menu here at Redroaster. It would be wrong not to give it a mention. I had the herb waffle, bacon jam, black pudding, maple-glazed streaky bacon, fried egg and apple … IT WAS AMAZING!!



I hope you have enjoyed this interior appreciation blog post.

If you’re in Brighton, definately check Redroaster out!

xoxojen mccarthy


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