Those of you who have been following my blog will know I went to the design show Decorex a couple of weeks ago. Whilst there I came across this brand, Vinterior. I genuinely felt that their stand was one of the highlights of the show for me. It was very well put together and just showed how unique pieces can work together in a space. I thought their company was so unique I had to share it with you guys.



We have partnered with over 1000 independent boutiques and dealers to offer Britain’s greatest online selection of vintage, mid-century, antique and upcycled furniture. We work only with selected furniture sellers to ensure that our customers can easily find products of character, quality and craftsmanship”

Vinterior Website
This company really excites me as essentially they are doing all the leg work in sourcing unique pieces of furniture and accessories. I honestly wouldn’t know the first place to start looking for some of the pieces they have on their website.
I have always liked the vintage look in interiors, but to achieve it successfully you need to go around antique shops, and really dedicate a lot of time to sourcing the perfect pieces. Im going to be honest, I personally get bored of going around loads antique shops, probably just because i’m so impatient and want to find what i’m after straight away. So having a website you can go to and just sit with a glass of wine and scroll through their pieces is just my ideal way to vintage shop.
If you visit their website,
You can shop the items they had on show at Decorex.
m y  f a v o u r i t e  p i e c e s  f r o m  t h e i r  w e b s i t e


I highly recommend checking out their website if you are looking to inject a unique feature in your interior.
xoxojen mccarthy

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