As I mentioned in a previous blog, the ‘botanical garden’ trend is really big in interior design right now. A big part of pulling off the trend successfully is bring plants into your decor.

Now I don’t know about you but I am not a great gardener.

I am going to be honest, I’m a serial plant killer!

In an effort to stop killing plants I did some research into houseplants that are easy to look after, and thought i’d share with you guys my favorites that I found.


s p i d e r  p l a n t


The spider plant needs well-drained soil and indirect light, and you’re good to go.

Water well but don’t allow to become too soggy, and only re-pot when their roots are clearly visible. They also reproduce by making small ‘spiderettes’, which can be re-potted on their own to make a new plant, so its the plant that just keeps on giving.


p h i l o d e n r o n

The philodendron comes in different looks, I love the leaf shape above the most. It is also a leaf that I am seeing a lot of in prints and accessories, so will tie in nicely in a botanical inspired room.

In terms of care, Once you’ve found a place for your philodendron to live, you can pretty much forget about it! They’re one of the most durable houseplants, and don’t mind a bit of neglect. Don’t water them more than once a week, and keep them out of the direct sunlight to really let them thrive.


r u b b e r  p l a n t

This plant needs bright light but prefers indirect light that isn’t too hot. In regards to watering spray them a couple of times a week, job done.

If you want a change from green, these are a good option, as depending on how much light they get , the colours vary.  These get gorgeous deep burgundy leaves in high light exposure, but fade to green in low light.

These are also great air purifiers as Rubber plants eliminate carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from your home’s indoor air.


s n a k e  p l a n t

Snake plants are commonly referred to as Mother-in-law’s tongue because of its long, sharp, pointed leaves and because it lasts so long (slightly mean resemblance).

These are long-lived, easy-care houseplants. Snake plant is needs low light. Water sparingly or it will rot. Only 1 or 2 waterings are necessary indoors during the winter.


a l o e

We all know the aloe has a lot of healing benefits, but who knew they were an easy to care for plant.

Don’t leave your aloe plant in direct sunlight, and give it a good soak every couple of weeks, but then allow the soil to dry at least 1 to 2 inches deep between waterings, in order to discourage rot, and water even less in winter.


c a c t u s

These are super easy to look after, Just don’t over-water them. If they can survive in the literal desert, they can survive on your windowsill. They love plenty of light, so place them near a window, ideally south facing.


s u c c u l e n t

I love succulents, they are a nice petite plant, that can spruce up a desk or bedside cabinet. They come in many different types, so have some fun with mix and matching them.

succulents thrive in bright light. This clever little plant practically tells you when to water them, Water when dry; never water when wet, damp, or moist. If they dry out completely in five days, you can water them every five days. If they dry out completely in two weeks, then water every two weeks, so easy.


o l i v e  t r e e

Don’t panic, I am not suggesting you start growing tree’s in your living room, you can get dwarf olive trees which are perfect indoors. You alternatively could have one in the garden and cut the branches and display them in a vase.

Give this plant plenty of light and water every couple of weeks.


e u c a l y p t u s

Again, like with the Olive tree, the Eucalyptus is commonly planted outside but they can also be potted to bring a larger house plant into your home.

They thrive in direct sunlight and need watering about once a week. Unlike some of the plants I have mentioned, this one is unforgiving, once the leaves have gone brown and limp, they will not rejuvenate.


All the ones I have included, as stated require minimal care, but its important to point out that they do still require some looking after. If your more of a ‘leave it alone, it’ll be fine’ kind of person then maybe faux plants are the ones for you.

(There is no shame in faux plant, I have some in vases on my window cill in my bedroom, you can get really convincing ones so if they work better for you … go for it)


Now go on out buy plenty of houseplants and turn your house into a botanical paradise!


xoxojen mccarthy




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