As I have mentioned in a previous blog post …. I LOVE AUTUMN!

Now a lot of people would just assume that my love of Autumn would include the holiday that occurs in this season, Halloween! But I HATE Halloween, I don’t know why but this holiday is just not for me! However I do like decorating for the holiday, except my decor is less spiders webs and ghosts and more simple and refined.

My favourite place to decorate is the fireplace, this is a space that changes with the seasons and in my case is the centre of the living space! There are so many different ways you can decorate and style your homes with pumpkins and gourds so I wanted to show a few different style that you could recreate in your homes.


e m b r a c i n g  a u t u m n a l  c o l o u r s

One thing you are guaranteed to get with decorating with pumpkins and gourds is an injection of colour. Vibrants oranges will draw the eye to your creations. You can mix different sizes and colours together to create interest.


w h i t e  a n d  g l a m o u r o u s

If bright orange isn’t to your taste, pumpkin and gourds do come in a variety colours, white being one of them.

A white display creates a fresh glamorous feel to your halloween decor. If you aren’t able to source white pumpkins then some white acrylic paint will do the trick!

For that extra touch of glamour add some sparkle by introducing glitter and sequins!


g e t  c r e a t i v e

If your someone who prefers something a bit more fun, rather than a more simple display, then get creative with your pumpkins.

A bit of paint, glitter and sequins can do wonders. As you are painting them you can be really creative with the colours, whether you want to match to your current decor or make a statement the choice is yours.


d i n n e r  p a r t y  d e c o r

If your hosting a halloween or autumn inspired dinner then bring the pumpkin decor to the table.

Pumpkins and gourds make fantastic table centrepieces. I currently have my pumpkins laid out in a runner formations with autumn scented candles incorporated within them. I will be posting some images of my pumpkin display on my Facebook and Instagram pages, so keep an eye out for that!


I hope this post has got you feeling creative, I would love to see what pumpkin displays you create in your homes.

For me the best way to get a real variety of pumpkins is to find your local pumpkin patch, this way you can mix and match your collection whilst also have a fun afternoon out.

Happy Halloween

xoxojen mccarthy




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